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by richard bets professor and from "war and peace" studies and his numerous books gardner critical success including the wilson award for the best book of political science and a key facilitator of a workshop that some effect percent of all professors in the nation have attended. also with a great deal of experience in the policy field and a former staff member working on the national security council and advisory panel for the cia director and part of a task force from a report entitled the new u.s. defense strategies for a new era. as a scholar at the american enterprise institute has three decades of public service to higher education as dean of johns hopkins in the state department of planning and the secretary of state just up to the secretary of defense. i will pose a question to kickoff the conversation. the first question is what have been done in new york -- new year's eve a day? what are the key strategic questions? >> and thank you for being here. we just heard bob hale struggling with the process but for that budgetary operations but that at the moment and then in the 11th year
whether or not they are promoting our soup ordain women of color. >> guest: you bet we are. we have so much to do on this front and the united states senate. women and men, but we are proud to have supported the first asian-american women in the united states senate, may see her rondo from hawaii, a great addition to the senate. the house is actually where we've had more success. we have factious proudly supported joyce beatty, the new african-american congresswoman from ohio. she's fantastic. we also won the hispanic rent supported women including mcgrady macleod in california, but our work is far from done and we are looking to expand our training programs in all communities because representative democracy is about having an equal number of women and men commit though we are there for the number, but about earning people of color to the table and we are very much committed to doing so. thank you for the question. post-o.j. commentary,, oklahoma. republican line. >> caller: >> caller: the problem we have had a lot of people simply ignore or don't want to recognize is that any time we
in controlling health spending. but they didn't mean us as a if you don't bet, will chop off your feet thing. they need to propose a set of policy that will be effective at addressing rising health systems. and if that target is not met by implementing the policies, policies ought to be accelerated further. there are three pillars that they are recommending. it is a three-pronged approach to a addressing health spending. one is provider payment reforms and that means moving towards better payments that paper what we want to see the health care system produce, rather than increasing volume and intensity without necessarily concomitant benefits to patients. the second pillar is to provide and support high-value choices and as david said, that means not just to increase this, but to provide better choices at consumers can make and provide them with the information and make those choices and reward them for making those choices. the third pillar is to make markets work better. so that regardless of what approach you take, it will work better and be more effective at producing the results that we
. today i looked down and say to my lady friend all the time, that i'm betting on the walk, those beaches are eventually going to overtake -- not in my lifetime but in the in lifetime of younger people here -- you won't be going to south beach. you'll be going to south beach west, because cannot provide, and we're beginning to see it. and until such time as we stand up and face our -- the harsh realities of disaster, whether we call it climbed change or just hot and cold, the simple fact of the matter is that we owe it to the people in new jersey and new york and connecticut and elsewhere that sack diaffected, and we owe it to ourselves to be mindful of the numerous disasters on the horizon that we can't predict, but we can prepare for, and if we don't, then we will be doing ourselves a terrible disservice. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. mr. woodall. >> i tell you, it's always one the great pleasures of my week, when it's been a tough week, controversy and lots of frustration on capitol hill, when i would see mr. dicks and mr. rogers come together in here and generally they agreed
take the other 50 and peer review would come out with 15 or 20 highly ranked. and i bet tony, maybe half would be funded. today, it is lucky if two or three are funded. and what's true for child mental health and development is true for medical research is true across the board in most areas of nih. this is not a question of starving the beast. this is a question of starving, whether we are going to starve not to beast, but necessary programs in this country. and we shouldn't start them. and so, we need to face up to sequestration. we need, in my judgment, to see if we can set a target dionne to 1.4 trillion over the next 10 years and we need to do it in a balanced way. and if not, we are going to threaten violence in this country, including the full faith and credit of the united states. the president was, in my judgment, absolutely correct to essentially throw down the powerpoint and say, this must not happen. >> thank you retaken all this time at this. >> the greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker. this honor now against america the chance to help lead the w
because it's very dashiell hammett alike and with theason of the witch," people need to hit bdp, may bet waereotypes the city, but i rel really wanted with "season of t the witch" to tell a history ofe the city as dashiell hammettve might have written it, with thee same sense of the city's toughness, of this mystery andof of its kind of racket atmosphere. many people forget the san italn catholic t they hit the era was a tough irish catholic town, traditional city in many ways in the first wave ofo came hippies they came to the city really had the drawbridge pulled up on them. many of the kids couldn't get treatment when they had droppedd problems and other medicaloblem. problems. th they were given a cold shoulder by the city officials. the cops harassed them.so that y so that was sold at the beginning what became the very firstbe culture war right here sanhe francisco. america's first culture war was afi civil war within san francio itself between these new forces, social forces that began seeping into the city in the 1960s and 9 1970s with gay. one step war really took hold and became
bet there are places like that. i've encountered federal magistrate judges who were on receptive to receiving warrant applications in the middle of the night. that is known to exist. suppose you have a jurisdiction like that. does that count as a circumstance that would justify a warrant was taking about? >> i would say no, your honor. i don't think the ci to take advantage of its own failure to expedite. >> supposed to magistrate is unavailable because he or she is though. >> is a different situation. we should but she agreed that the next circumstance to allow it walk the split sample? >> i think it might well ask there is no alternative magistrate. >> that's a separate question. one of your argument is you need individually circumstances. you can't have a per se rule and now this other set of questions about what you care to count in totality of the circumstances test 378? so one could disagree with you what you think is justice alito, justice kennedy suggested, you know come you do take into account it's the middle of the night in a rural county and it's going to take two hou
to decentralizing me on that bet. there's considerable pressure to do that with the parliamentarian. i think it being in a democracy. did answer your question? >> two things in addition to what tom was saying. one is when ngos would want to operate in haiti or a sister through thursdays, ways of coming to know the local circumstances. to the oas authors. i cannot knew which would not he underestimated because our experts in haiti can assist in indicating what the priorities are, the government use work with the established organizations in haiti. that is taking the best source. they are already settled in haiti. the other thing is on the haitian side, through this new mechanism of dialogue, but also coordination, and the elements ngo engagement is important that haitian authorities manage that on their own touch better in terms of understanding who's going to assist the haitian people, but also to direct them, to guide them where they can operate so they gain a little knowledge of the situation on the ground. it doesn't make sense to me than ngos to operate in haiti. i think it is good used
betting dollars of problem with the of solution but i want to direct my question knu reiterate how something impacts the union, seniors and what dorothy's unforeseen consequences that they are attempting the worthwhile program? while the help a few may impact many americans. >> that was an outstanding question. that is the issue. seniors could benefit from the program to be current in their mortgage but that makes no sense of their 70 years old and have the possibility to never pay off the loan. adjusting principle could be reasonable. details is where the eminent domain conversation should be. >> but the question of unions is they have an interest with homeowners in trouble but also administering pension funds? >> stephen took a shot at the securitization process. at its simplest point* older americans like a retiring police officer has pension money that is invested somewhere. usually through mortgage-backed security to allow the lender to take the money and give it to somebody else. second, you take money and giving it to people who want to buy a house. the problem with the emin
carolyn mccarthy have you i know goes to bet every night thinking about what happened to her family but lights a candle in stead of curses the darkness. but now senator feinstein and i have a long history. 1994 we passed the crime bill that had the original assault weapons ban. the crime bill made an incredible debt of criminal violence that was plaguing our country. the successful band of weapons was a key part of that. times have changed. so have the capabilities of those who do us harm. i applaud senator feinstein for having updated its more and more robust version of the assault weapons ban that he has outlined. it comes down to this assault weapons were designed for and should be used on the battlefield. not the street. some don't get that. we can have a rational discussion. the heller decision said there is the second amendment right to bear arms and it should be a respected just as all others. it means that none of us what you take away the hunting rifle that you were given when you were 14 years old. nor do you want to take away the sidearm that the business owner feels they
to look in in a manufacturing city, but they needed a workforce ready for the high-tech betting they do. he's high-paying jobs are exactly the kind we should have here in montana. that's why we with great falls college. the begin training workers to fill these jobs in this company is now moving to the electric city. [applause] i think the program also ensure high schools in great falls can graduate with certificates that would make them attractive candidates for the company as well. so not only is it better job, the better education. at the tulsa to bring to market new government to montana and we do not already as well. tomorrow for the first time ever, montana's check book will be online. [applause] bubble has is a searchable database so anyone in siena or anyone across the world for that matter can look at how we're spending taxpayers money. it's the right thing to do it up a lead to more effective government. other somethings i can accomplish it that your active engagement in partnership, there are other areas where we need each other. meet each other for going to make progress. cra
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11

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